People love visiting our homes on tour but did you know that there are some weird homes you can spend the night in? Grab your best pajama onesie and check these out for your next weird vacation!

Under the Sea – Austin

Nestled in the classic 78704 Austin, lies this home dedicated to bold, bright colors and bold, bright ideas.  This complete work of art is home to art car artist Lois, who’s been there at least 20 years.

The interior has a multitude of collections and a unique lit bathroom with 109 dichroic glass tiles. Salt and pepper shakers, miniature shoes, matches, are all part of her funky collections collections. There are at least 23 different colors used throughout the exterior and interior, and just wait ’til you see the backyard. Lois created a rock star rock garden, a swing with a chandelier, and a fence with an undersea mural on the exterior.

Listen to Lois talk about her car, home and design philosophy by checking out the first episode of the Weird Homes Podcast.

And you can rent her guesthouse through Airbnb.


Hawthorne Hobbit Hole – Portland

Next on our list of weird homes you can spend the night in is the Hawthorne Hobbit Hole. The idea for Hawthorne Hobbit Hole’s unique design came from a pesky problem with Greg and Beth’s basement – the ceilings were too short.  If you can’t make the ceilings taller, why not make the room something straight out of Tolkien? Add the curving cabinets, exposed roots and rough wood trim, and have something straight out of the Shire.

The Hawthorne Hobbit Hole’s construction also reflects an array of sustainable building practices. The root sculpture uses natural clay taken from the backyard (called Earthen Building). Greg and Beth also used reclaimed materials such as pallets and teepee poles whenever possible.  Whenever new material were needed, they made sure they aome from renewable and sustainable sources.

The home is available through Airbnb.


Inn at the Old Jail – New Orleans

You don’t have to break the law to visit the Inn at the Old Jail. Built as a jail and patrol station in 1902, this Queen Anne beauty also served as a library and community center. All this changed though when it was damaged and abandoned damaged by Katrina in 2005.

In 2013, homeowners Liz and Raul fell in love with the storied building and immediately recognized its potential. Inspired to create an Inn that would attract curious, adventurous and easy-going travelers, they bought the Inn at auction. Afterwards, they spent three years on a painstaking restoration. From scouring auctions for rare antiques and reclaimed architectural ornaments to preserving the original historic bones, no detail was overlooked.

From the start, Liz and Raul wanted the Inn at the Old Jail to pay homage to the NOPD. Both the rooms and public spaces salute the city’s brave men and women in blue. For those curious about history and interested in having a truly NOLA experience, make sure to visit the Inn at the Old Jail.

The home operates as a Bed and Breakfast.  Book through their website.


House of Sarcasm – Portland

Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles aren’t afraid of color.  Christine, a working artist for over 20 years, likes to use paint as a “living entity.” She specializes in painting colorful mandalas, psychedelic murals and objects such as guitars and suitcases.  Her main focus centers on transforming recycled vinyl records into clocks, bowls, mirrors, jewelry and more! You can find all of her work in her online store – Eye Pop Art.

You can see the Claringbold’s love of color in their House of Sarcasm. Its kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and patterns will wow you. Every room has its own uniquely rich color scheme. Its overpowering, explosive mandalas radiate from the center of its ceilings and echo throughout the house. Finally, Christine’s vinyl record artwork and vintage psychedelic housewares collection compliment and complete the design. Be sure to also check out the music studio of Christine and Charles’ band, Dartgun & the Vignettes  while you’re there!

And you can stay in the House of Sarcasm by booking through Airbnb.


OMG House – Austin

Welcome to the home of Randy and Sandy and their weird collection of unexpected and uncommonly cool treasures. Randy is a musician and his studio/man cave shows off all of his instruments, music memorabilia and anything else fun. There you will find everything from the Beatles to the California Raisins to blowguns and everything in-between. A star from the old Dallas Cowboys Stadium (obtained by…*ahem* creative means) hangs as the crowning jewel.

The living room is a converted museum with items from Randy’s growing up in several different countries.  Among the many items  you will find a piece of the Berlin Wall and a functioning Seth Thomas Mantle Clock from the mid 1800s originally owned by Randy’s great-great grandmother that traveled with her in a covered wagon. Duncan, a Maltese Knight of St. John, in his shining suit of Armor stands guard to keep an eye on things.

Sandy will take you upstairs as you walk the red carpet and enter an old-style Hollywood museum.  Take in her extensive collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, funky hats and vintage newspaper collections.

Their pets are cool too, with Randy’s beautiful saltwater aquarium named Reefer Madnezz to Sandy’s luxury high rise chicken condominium named Coop De Ville.  And don’t miss their new She Shed named Cluckingham Palace.

Want to stay longer and rock out? Book a night with them on Airbnb!


Secret Garden – Houston

Finally, on our list of weird homes you can spend the night in is the Secret Garden. Selia’s home includes an amazing secret garden habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.  This garden offers a treasure-trove of nooks and secrets waiting to be discovered around every corner. The main features include an ellaborate 12,000 gallon pond with two waterfalls and a cobblestone island. In the pond, Koi, bluegill and turtles playfully swim in a physics-defying above-water display. Discover tin-can-men, wine cork murals, and numerous other sculptures and Selia’s poetry displayed on fences. And don’t miss the a 15 ft long rabbit topiary, COW-becue pit, and gold tree with red hair that holds the keys to the unknown.

Selia’s home and garden also holds a menagerie with a cast of colorful characters. Bella, the goose and matriarch of the garden, sits over her realm. Pippin, the matre-duck will be happy to show you around with, Wilma (another duck) and Frankie (rabbit) tagging along at his heels.  In addition, you will discover a sulcata tortoise, three box turtles, and two apiaries with honey bees.

Selia offers a variety of overnight options. Book through Airbnb.


Do YOU have a weird home people can spend the night in?