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Phoenix, AZ

When multidisciplinary designer Miles Willis McDermott was searching for an in-residence showhome to showcase his supergraphic regency style, this once neglected 1969 postmodern Italianate revival was the perfect canvas. While respecting the original antique details and crafting new ones to compliment the unplaceable era, McDermott painstakingly evolved the vintage villa into a bold dichotomy of graphic Japanese manga and ornate gilded antiques.

Unashamed to wear the scarlet letter of a millennial raised by questionable late-night anime on Adult Swim, McDermott imbues his otherwise austere, sumptuous interiors with a cartoonish irreverence. Drawing inspiration from Japanese comic book patterns, McDermott adorned walls with huge black and white graphic shapes and opulent gold treasures, creating a monochromatic palace. With bright daylight from several skylights and 12’ arched windows, the home hosts expanses of mature tropical foliage, blurring the lines between inside and outside.

Being a fervent subscriber to the Bauhausian idea of “Gesamtkunstwerk” (the careful curation and unity of all forms of art within a space), McDermott has gone so far as to design his own custom furniture, lighting, upholstery, hardware and clothing to align with the unique aesthetic. Even the driveway’s two vintage cars imported from Japan fit seamlessly with the interior.

The designer’s firm grasp of composition comes from his formal graphic design training. After working as a graphic designer and art director for several years, McDermott sought new challenges in design and is now busy helping restaurants and boutique clients with full-service interior + branding + website design.

McDermott’s Instagram is a record of his explorations in art, design and even music.

Photographer: Miles Willis McDermott

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