Ron’s Recycled Roost

Tucked away in a quiet eastside Detroit neighborhood hides a handmade wonderment of custom woodworking and true Detroit DIY-style skill. Revived from its official Condemned status by the city, and once crumbling at nearly all its seams, Ron's Recycled Roost is a combination of many reclaimed, recycled, donated, and sometimes even trash picked Detroit relics [...]

Third Street Secret Museum

Erika and Robert Gates aren’t artists, but they sure are handy. Take a trip to the Third Street Secret Museum to see their collection of collections acquired over the 10 years since they met in Austin, TX. Often referred to as The Museum, Erika and Robert experiment in displaying their collection of memorabilia and vintage [...]

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McGowen Container House

It was always a long time dream of Will Breaux to design and build his own home. For many of those years that dream consisted of using shipping containers in the construction, a new idea at that time. Now that Will’s McGowen street home is nearly complete, containers are becoming a more common material. But [...]

The House of Luminosity

Come visit the Montrose home and studio of Houston based (and internationally known) glass artist Kim Clark Renteria. Kim likes to use the science of light in her stained glass pieces in order to transform a given space into someplace almost metaphysical. “I think light connects us to the outside world and nature". As you [...]

Wheel’n on Woodward

In the center of mid-town sits a space that some in the know have equated to Andy Warhol’s New York Factory.  Most likely, you’ve driven by it a thousand times. It is where art, artists, design and designers mix, mingle and make things happen. It is the half-time home of legendary hometown car designer and [...]


A place to get stoned? Well, not really? Though, it may be a place to meet the Flintstones. Na, not really…. Visit this home and “you’ll have a gay old time!” You will be sure to get a deep dive into an out-of-this-world Bedrock-themed collection.  How do you say “Yabba dabba do” in French? This [...]

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