The Mysterious Planchette House | It’s on the other side but you can see it from there

Gripped by curiosity, we can’t help but indulge stories of the world beyond. Ancient myths and modern legends overflow with spirit guides and communications from the other side, upon hearing them some recoil in fear. Others can’t look away and move in closer, perhaps filling their home with these legends’ artifacts. [...]

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Step into a Lord of the Rings Approved Hobbit Home

This Hobbit Knoll is a Lord of the Rings approved engineering marvel. This 90% underground home was excavated in Asheville, North Carolina. Join us as it's creator takes us on a very unique and inspirational home tour. The front of the home opens up with a large glass door looking out on a breathtaking [...]

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Village Farm Austin | Learn how to live Tiny

Get the ultimate tiny homes tour of Village Farm. Village Farm is a dynamic tiny home community-based in East Austin, TX centered around the sustainable Green Gate Farm and designed to enhance the lives of residents with a mission to simplify life and foster a sense of community. Learn how to build and live [...]

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Planchettes and Ouija boards | Tour a home that speaks to the Dead

Join us as our host, Brandon Hodge, the owner of the Mysterious Planchette home in Austin, TX tours you through some of his favorite planchettes and ouija boards in his personal collection during this home tour. In the 19th century, Spiritualists believed they had breached the veil between the worlds of the living and [...]

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