Last week, we announced Weird Homes Tour LIVE, a series of live online tours with weird homes across the USA. Today, let’s dig in and check out what we have coming up in the month of May. From secret saloons to mega shipping containers to psychedelic punk houses it’s gonna be May.

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May 9th – The Graeber

This residential home, with the feel of a small boutique hotel, is located right in the heart of the Austin’s famed 6th Street Entertainment District and is protected as a Historic Landmark. The first incarnation of this two-story stone structure was a popular 19th century watering hole owned by an Irish immigrant and called the Shamrock Saloon. In 1968 renowned Austin architect David Graeber bought the home.

In the late 70’s he completed a strikingly modern interior that sits in great contrast to the original stone facades. Many of the interior spaces are just as David created them 4 decades ago. It is a time capsule with references to times and lives lived over 130 years in this one location.
This one-of-kind home has been featured in many magazines and articles. Many drinks and good times have been had in this special place from the Shamrock Saloon to private Graeber family parties to public events.

May 16th – Museum of Bad Taste

For Sam Malvaney, collecting is an addiction. His gateway drug? A small table lamp with a white shade and a gold base, adorned with a tiny harlequin clown, posed in mid-jaunt, one knee cocked to kick. And so began the Museum of Bad Taste.

Since that first discovery, Sam has assembled what has to the finest collections of Eisenhower/Kennedy/Nixon-vintage furnishings and accessories in town, the kitschier the better. In the kitchen, there’s the Eiffel Tower bar stools, the rocket-shaped cocktail shaker, the pink poodle pitcher and the mobile of paper cocktail umbrellas dangling over the Formica-topped bar. In lieu of a desk chair, there’s a bullet-shaped, beehive-ready sit-down hair dryer. It still works.

At the Museum of Bad Taste, everything has a story. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take a trip through this New Orleans treasure trove.

May 23rd – KAN Shipping Container House

In New Orleans’s Irish Channel neighborhood, stands a massive shipping container home among the shotgun houses. When Anne and Kicker Kalozdi were planning their first home, they decided to think outside, or rather inside, the box. While converting old shipping containers into homes is not a new idea, it has only recently emerged as a practice in NOLA. And while many of these homes promote minimal design, principles Anne and Kicker went maximal. Their home consists of seven containers covering 3 stories and multiple roof decks. Plenty of room for their miniature wookie “Chewie” to run around in and a new born baby too!

May 30th – House of Sarcasm*

Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles aren’t afraid of color.  Christine, a working artist for over 20 years, likes to use paint as a “living entity.” She specializes in painting colorful mandalas, psychedelic murals and objects such as guitars and suitcases.  Her main focus centers on transforming recycled vinyl records into clocks, bowls, mirrors, jewelry and more! You can find all of her work in her online store – Eye Pop Art.

You can see the Claringbold’s love of color in their House of Sarcasm. Its kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and patterns will wow you. Every room has its own uniquely rich color scheme. Its overpowering, explosive mandalas radiate from the center of its ceilings and echo throughout the house. Finally, Christine’s vinyl record artwork and vintage psychedelic housewares collection compliment and complete the design. Be sure to also check out the music studio of Christine and Charles’ band, Dartgun & the Vignettes!

*(Tour at 4PM CT and a special After Dark Blacklight Party at 11PM CT)

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