The Weird Homes Tour was started by David J. and Chelle Neff in Austin, TX in 2014 as a way to explore art and architecture and give back to their community. We are a mission-driven, social impact start-up, that takes care of our people, our planet, and makes a profit.  In a world where so much of what we see is bland, and copied and pasted, we stand for the opposite. We feature the world’s most weird and unique homes and home owners in tours and on our web site and social media. We are the world’s most instagramable tour.

We take our profits and give back to our communities through investing it into smart, well-run nonprofits and other social impact businesses that fight for affordable housing. You can see one of our homeowners in ep 2 of this Netflix show and read more about us on Wikipedia.You can also explore one of our homes in VR. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic we sold the business in 2021 and it’s currently in hiatus.


At the Weird Homes Tour®, we believe that design really has no boundaries. We would rather you be strange than a stranger. We know you would rather be a pirate than join the Navy. And we love that. We are the world’s most Instagram worthy tour. We also know weird is wonderful and that giving back to our communities is THE most important thing. We are proud of how Austin, Houston, Detroit, Portland, San Francisco and NOLA can be fun, irreverent, outside the box, innovative, dynamic, proud, strange, and so much more.

Although we are currently on hiatus, if you have a weird home?  Let’s talk!

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