In a weirdly wonderful new partnership, Weird Homes Tour and Atlas Obscura are thrilled to present a series of home tours inside some of the most unique and awe-inspiring homes and lifestyles around the country.  Join us and wonder from home and into the world of the weird!

June 30th – Ghosts in the Machines

On June 30th, we’ll meet the self-professed “Occult Archeologist,” historian Brandon Hodge. He uses his massive collection of historical spirit communication artifacts and séance relics to trace the history of the Spiritu Save alist movement. Here, in the midst of his Mysterious Planchette archive, Brandon will give us an up-close and intimate tour of the spiritual tools used to contact the dead and other historically significant items, including fragments of the Fox Sisters’ cottage where the religion Spiritualism was born, automatic writing planchettes, talking boards, Ouija, spirit trumpets, and other spectral artifacts. This collection truly has to be seen to be believed!

Brandon Hodge

Brandon Hodge is a collector, author, historian, and a self-described “occult archeologist” who specializes in historical spirit communication devices. Long fascinated by the bizarre occult world of tipping tables, séances, Spiritualism, and ghostly encounters, Brandon acquired his first writing planchette while building a traveling spookshow featuring “haunted” antiques in the late 1990s. He has since amassed the world’s largest and finest collection of writing planchettes and other séance-related artifacts, all featured on his popular website, Brandon is a respected scholar and internationally-recognized lecturer who has leant his expertise in the occult field to museums, colleges, and institutions worldwide. His home is filled with an expansive collection of automatic writing planchettes, Ouija, séance relics, and other occult antiquities.

Past Atlas Obscura Tours

June 16th – House of Wonder

On June 16th, we’ll walk into a mind and home filled with magic and wonder. Based in Austin, Texas, Brad Henderson is one of America’s leading magicians, mind readers and hypnotists. Having immersed himself in the magical arts from a young age, he has created a living space filled with whimsical wonders and mysterious mementos that we’ll get to see up close on this virtual tour.

We’ll encounter brain-teasing puzzles, cursed curiosities, mind-bending illusions and experience world-class magic as he brings his collection to life.

Brad Henderson

Based in Austin, Texas, Brad Henderson has traveled the world sharing his unique approach to the magical arts. While others are content to amuse, Brad’s goal is to make his audiences feel, taking them on an emotional journey where surprise, awe, shock, and wonder each have a special moment. Brad Henderson has been teaching magic for over 26 years, specializing in lessons for amateurs and interested non-magicians.

June 22nd – KAN Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Homes have quickly become the hot trend in building. But how does the reality live up to the hype? When Anne and Kicker Kalozdi were planning their first home in New Orleans, they decided to think outside, or rather inside, the box. And while many shipping container homes promote minimal design, Anne and Kicker chose to go maximal. Their custom home consists of seven containers, covering three stories with multiple roof decks. The result is undeniably impressive, especially for having been designed and executed without any previous home building experience!

In this online experience, we’ll speak from Kicker and Anne to learn about their unique home and design process, and get the inside scoop on what it’s like to build your own shipping container home.