Virtual tour of Uncommon Objects owner’s home

Atlas Obsura and Weird Homes Tour will be providing a virtual tour on 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, August 4 of Steve Wiman’s home. Wiman is the owner of Uncommon Objects so you know it’ll have some interesting stuff! Read More

The Collectors | Weird Homes Tour Austin
House of Sarcasm | Weird Homes Tour Portland

Take your next trip into wacky, wonderful with virtual Weird Homes Tour

Every Saturday at noon and 4 p.m., folks can click onto Instagram or YouTube and see some truly weird homes. Using their phones, the homeowners walk you through their houses and point out some of the highlights. Read More

“How to write a book that sparks a movement”, with Chelle Neff

As part of my series about “How to write a book that sparks a movement” I had the great pleasure of interviewing Chelle Neff. Chelle has been a leader in the U.S. salon industry since founding her own salon in 2005 (and the Weird Homes Tour in 2014)…Read More

Last Madam House

Here’s what to expect at this weekend’s Weird Homes Tour in New Orleans

Launched in 2014, Weird Homes Tour has franchises in Austin, Portland, Houston, Detroit, and San Francisco. This weekend, it’s preparing to wow audiences across New Orleans. On Saturday, November 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the tour will showcase 10 unconventional homes citywide. Read More

How the stranger half lives: The Weird Homes Tour comes to New Orleans this weekend

Have you ever found yourself passing one of the more unique instances of architecture in the city and wondering, “Man, that thing’s so funky on the outside, I wonder what it’s like on the inside?” Well, you’re in luck– this Saturday (November 16) is the 3rd Annual Weird Homes Tour where from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM you have permission to peek inside almost a dozen of the most eclectic and charming homes spread across New Orleans….  Read More

Gallery of Good Taste | Weird Homes Tour New Orleans

Tour The Weirdest Homes In New Orleans This Weekend

On November 16, nine of the most unique homes in New Orleans will be on showcase for an tour for fans of oddities, rare art, architecture and more.

The Weird Homes Tour allows folks to pace themselves and get from house to house as fast or slow as they please. A ticket purchase gets you a map of the homes, and there is no official order to follow. Sometimes, homeowners are on site to answer any questions visitors have about the history of the home and its contents. Ten percent of ticket proceeds benefit HousingNOLA… Read More

This Couple Wanted to See Inside Their Neighbors’ Houses So They Started a Weird Homes Tour

umans have been curious about what their neighbors’ homes have looked like ever since the first Neanderthals wondered about the interior of the cave next door. Luckily for the inquisitive among us, there are home tours now covering every type of residence, from the historic home to the modern home to the estate home. But what about the really quirky ones, the ones designed or landscaped in unusual or unexpected ways?….  Read More