A very special post from one of our favorite homeowners and personal friends, Lois Goodman. Lois has been on the home tour almost every year since we started.

Any homeowner that has ever been on the Weird Homes tour considers being “weird” a compliment. We are all unique individuals, but weird homeowners just like to wear their unique out loud!

A weird homes tour is unique and as varied as the homes and owners themselves. There are homes that have crazy collections that are part of an owner’s obsession. There are owners that could be considered mostly normal people, but they live in the cool crazy architecture wonder.

Then there are artists with so much vision and creativity that they just could not bring themselves to stop decorating. Some even had to decorate their own car.

There are themed homes and wildly color-coordinated homes with no beige in sight. There are warehouse communes and tiny houses. There are art collectors whose homes look more like museums than somebodies everyday living quarters.

If you go on a weird home tour and you feel like you have seen one to many tea cups in an owner’s adored collection, just wait a few minutes and you might just land in a tiny house that only has room for one small cup and a spoon! Or… if that is not weird enough, how about visiting a converted airplane that on the inside looks almost like your very own home?

The best part of a weird home tour is that it is curated like a well-done special exhibition at a museum. There is variety at every turn and something that piques everyone’s interest.

In the end, every home and owner has a story to tell. They have made a normal space their unique weird home and for a moment, we have permission to be voyeurs. Maybe next year, we too will have been inspired to be free and decorate like we never have before or start our own collection. We leave the homes tour with an experience like none other, and we too will have our own story to tell.

Lois Goodman, Owner and Creator of Under the Sea.

P.S. Check our her amazing AirBnB space.