Explore the World’s Largest Pizza Box Collection!

Welcome to Brooklyn, New York where, of course, the King of Pizza makes his home. Pizza boxes aren’t a common item to collect, which is exactly what makes this Guinness World Record collection of over 1,500 (clean) worldwide pizza boxes so thrilling. Professional pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener started collecting boxes in 2009 [...]

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Turn on, tune in, and drop out in this Psychedelic Home Tour

Join us in one of Portland's best tattoo artist's homes as explore what makes it weird. This is one that has to be seen to be believed. If you are from Oregon you may know him better as Winston the Whale! He shows us his psychedelic home in Portland, Oregon. From 60s [...]

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The Mysterious Planchette House | It’s on the other side but you can see it from there

Gripped by curiosity, we can’t help but indulge stories of the world beyond. Ancient myths and modern legends overflow with spirit guides and communications from the other side, upon hearing them some recoil in fear. Others can’t look away and move in closer, perhaps filling their home with these legends’ artifacts. [...]

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