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In the 19th century, Victorian-era Spiritualists believed they had breached the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead, and invented a diverse array of devices to assist them in their macabre communications with spirits. You may be surprised to learn the world’s prevailing occult archeologist and obsessed collector of these spirit communication artifacts lives right here in Austin.

During the day Brandon Hodge owns and operates two popular shops on SoCo—Big Top Candy Shop and Monkey See, Monkey Do!—but at night immerses himself in the bizarre world of tipping tables, séances, and ghostly encounters. This historian’s home his filled with an expansive collection of automatic writing planchettes, Ouija, séance relics, and a host of other occult antiquities. Before you come, be sure to check out his Instagram and his website for extensive background on many of the items in his collection as well as an excellent primer on early history of the Spiritualist movement.