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Now in 2020, the Weird Homes Tour is offering a whole range of ways to experience our wonderfully weird homes from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Check out our schedule below!

Ultimate Hot Wheels CollectionOctober 22nd – Ultimate Hot Wheels Collection

Hot Wheels came out in 1968 when Bruce was just 7 years old. He was hooked then as a child, and the love affair with Hot Wheels started over again in 1999 when he jumped at the chance to buy the rarest Hot Wheels he could find. Today, Bruce holds what some consider as the most valuable Hot Wheels collection in the world!

7pm CT on YouTube

Twilight Swan House | Portland Weird Homes Tour

October 29th – Atlas Obscura: The Twilight Swan House

In 2008, a low budget movie by the name of Twilight immortalized a quaint little house in the town of St. Helens, Oregon. Over the next decade, fans have traveled from all over the world to take their photo in front of this home. Little did one such fan know that she and her husband would later own this piece of cinematic history. In 2018 Amber and her husband Dean were shocked to find that Bella’s family home from Twilight was on the market. They immediately snatched it up with the goal to restore the home to its movie glory and share it with other superfans.


October 29th -The Castle Peak & Thunder Railroad

Dave and Frances Sheegog’s backyard railroad needed a theme and living in Anaheim “All Things Disney” seemed a perfect fit. All of the Disney classic animated films and Pixar films are depicted somewhere and many of the iconic Disneyland structures have been recreated in exquisite detail. Visit his website to learn more!

12pm CT on YouTube

November 5th – Fantasyland Home

The inspiration for Travis’ basement came from Fantasyland at Disneyland. The areas represent facades from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Pinnochio’s Daring Journey and more! It even features nighttime lighting and music that one would hear while waiting in line. And for a truly authentic experience, Travis even included real Disneyland crowd sounds!

7pm CT on YouTube

Luna ParcNovember 12th – Luna Parc

Born into an artistic family dating back to the time of the Medici, Ricky Boscarino has continued the lineage of artistry and craftsmanship. His largest work in progress is his home and atelier, Luna Parc, begun in 1989. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in 1982, Ricky continues to create whimsical, sophisticated work in a variety of media.

12pm CT on YouTube

Great EscapeDecember 10th – The Great Escape

This wildly weird home is a world recorder holder, because EVERY room is a game! So what do we mean by that? We mean that inside this 13 bedroom, home there’s an actual commercial escape room, a real laser maze, arcade games, an interactive TV game show booth, a huge pool with lazy river & super fast waterslide, human foosball, human bowling, and SO MUCH MORE.

12pm CT on YouTube

December 16th – Sweet Escape Mansion

This unique mansion has themed every room after a different sweet treat. It also features the world’s only ice cream cone swimming pool (seriously, the hot tub is literally the ‘cherry on top’) and “chocolate” waterslide. And did we mention the custom-built mini-golf course, karaoke family night club, laser tag, an actual ball pit and TWO movie theaters with SO MUCH more!

12pm CT on YouTube

A Harry Potter Themed Staircase in this HomeJanuary 7th – Wizards Way

What a better place to step into the night and experience some adventure, knowing that you can return to this Wizard themed house in Orlando, Florida. Explore the wizard train room and the enchanted staircase of paintings. The only question is what room will the sorting hat tell you stay in?

12pm CT on YouTube

A bedroom in this Star Wars Themed HouseJanuary 28th – 12 Parsecs

You too can outrun your imagination in this amazing Star Wars-themed home located in the heart of Florida. This house is a large 9-bedroom custom-built masterpiece with each amazing bedroom having it’s own Star Wars-themed interior.  This leads us to ask, are you staying in the light side of the house or the dark side of the house?!

12pm CT on YouTube