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Portland, Oregon

In Portland you will find the space of tattoo artist Winston the Whale. When asked about his inspiration for this beautiful space he said “If I can dig deep in my memory bank and think of where the influence came from, I would say somewhere between seeing the interiors featured in A Clockwork Orange and the colors and psychedelia of The Yellow Submarine. Both of those had a huge impact on my sense of aesthetic and I still rewatch them regularly.” According to our artist “The clean lines, rounded edges and bold, flat colors of Space Age decor give me goosebumps and I try to pull that era of design into my decor as much as possible, although a lot of that stuff is rather difficult and expensive to source.”

We love that he’s gone in and added vintage toys and various tchotchkes to make it feel more playful. In fact, Dave says “There’s something about waking up every morning to find a bunch of weirdos staring right back at you with those big round eyes and almost psychotic smiles that just makes everything feel ok!”  In this home, CONTRAST is the name of the game. Go see even more of his art and home by following him on Instagram. And thanks to Andy Barlow for these fantastic photos.

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