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Red River Gorge, Kentucky

The Trade Winds Treehouse is the newest way to experience the beauty of Red River Gorge and escape into nature. This dual treehouse is perched atop a Tulip Poplar and Pignut Hickory. The façade of mirrors reflects the surrounding forest back to you, creating a shimmering atmosphere of strong trunks and vibrant leaves. The Trade Winds Treehouse is truly a masterful creation that is a product of extraordinary craftsmanship and imaginative design.

Other special features include a complete bathhouse, 360 view looking out into nature through panoramic windows, a fully stocked kitchen, bridge, and a suspended covered deck where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

When the sun sets and the whippoorwills come out to sing, you can climb upward from the main deck, and enter the bedroom through a hatch in the floor. This cozy, octagonal bedroom, is outfitted with giant floor pillows, two full size beds & one foldout twin bed.  After a day of natural bridges, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a dreamy overnight in the trees!

Photographer: Photographer Tina Brouwer

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