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Weird Homes Tour – Austin

Mushroom House, the Nautlist, Sand Dollar House: whatever you want to call it, this Lake Travis home has been an Austin icon and a favorite of Lake Austin boaters since 1979.

Designed by famed Austin architect and Frank Loyd Wright apprentice, John Covert Watson, the Sand Dollar House best exemplifies the organic architecture movement of the 1970s. Watson sought to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world through a variety of methods. First, the home embraces its surround environment with huge, blindless windows that give stunning 270° views of Lake Travis. Next, Watson rejected artificial straight lines for flowing and more organic feeling curvilinear walls. Finally, to top it all off (literally) the Sand Dollar House features, well, a huge sand dollar for its roof. Its teardrop skylights flood the home with light.

Originally built as home and studio for artist Eugenia Hunt in 1979, the Sand Dollar House has had a few owners in its lifetime.  Current owner Liz Bradford remembers seeing it as a young woman and falling in love with it. She said to herself “I’m going to live there someday”.  And while we all do that sometimes with dream homes that never come to be, Liz actually did it. She made her dream home come true and snatched it up when it came up for sale in 2017.

Come meet Liz and get an ultra-rare look inside this true Austin treasure.  It’s only available by buying your ticket to this year’s tour!

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