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Weird Homes Tour – Austin

Steve and Diana fell in love with each other because they shared a love of collecting. And you can see that love in their North Austin home. Each room is themed to showcase their various collections of fun memorabilia. You can find a Hawaiian bedroom, a Batman-themed bathroom (or Bat-throom if you will) and a Lost TV show entrance that includes actual wreckage from the show’s doomed Oceanic Flight 815. Their family room holds tons of vintage 50s and 60s era action figures and lunch boxes. And their office holds enough KISS collectibles to outfit the entire KISS Army.

You definitely don’t want to miss Diana’s vast Barbie collection.  Not only will you find some of the same Barbies that you had as a kid, but you can also see a number of limited edition “Collector Club” Barbies. You’ll also find Barbies outfitted by famous fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior. It’s their clothes, only Barbie-sized.

Prepare for a trip back to your childhood and beyond.

And be sure to check out their YouTube channel!

The Weird Homes Tour’s physical and virtual home tours showcase unique and interesting homes in cities all across the world.  They are highly Instagram and social media worthy and family-friendly events where photos are welcome.

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