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Spring Green, Wisconsin

Is it a house? It is a classic roadside attraction? Can it be both? Thanks to loyal Weird Homes Tour ambassadors, Peter Crevier and his wife Victoria, you have an all-access pass to the world’s weirdest house. The granddaddy of all weird homes and kitschy American roadside attractions, The House on the Rock was opened in 1959 by Alex Jordan, Jr. A mysterious, hermit-like figure who loved to do nothing more than build and create. And he, along with a whole slew of other artists, did that for the last 61 years.

The weird dwelling (designed after a traditional Japanese house) is home to self-playing instruments, an “infinity room,” a giant squid, a life-size blue whale, the world’s largest carousel, “Tiffany” antique lamps, countless nightmare-inducing dolls, and plenty of other things. Inside this Weird Home, not everything is as it seems. Some of the antiques in the House on the Rock are real, but many are not what they seem at all: depending on one’s point of view one could call them fakes, replicas, or original and imaginative creations in the style of antiques. The attraction has been featured in various books, films and TV shows over time, including playing a huge part in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

So what’s real and what’s not real? That’s really up for the viewer to decide at the end of the day. And isn’t that just part of the fun? Enjoy the amazing video walkthrough that Peter and Victoria did as well and let us know what’s real and what’s not….

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