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Anaheim California

When Dave and Frances Sheegog purchased their home in suburban Anaheim in 1994, the yards were bare, like a canvas ready to be painted. To satisfy the home owner’s association, they quickly installed a lawn and basic amenities, but the canvas was still waiting. It was in 1997 that Dave put his mind to creating something special. He was intrigued by the idea of a garden railroad and with three young children at the time, he wanted the yard to be their laboratory. He mused that they could learn and experiment with whatever endeavor caught their imagination. Garden railroading incorporates not only modeling, but civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, botany, artwork of all kinds and a lot of just plain initiative. And so the project was birthed!

The railroad needed a theme and living in Anaheim with small children, “All Things Disney” seemed a perfect fit. Over the years, the project has grown and matured to the point that currently, all of the Disney classic animated films and Pixar films are depicted somewhere and many of the iconic Disneyland structures have been recreated in exquisite detail. Currently, Dave is planning the largest single expansion which will add the defunct attractions, Nature’s Wonderland and Rainbow Caverns and a twenty two foot diorama of the newly opened Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge complete with a space battle and a holographic Jedi guide. The Sheegog’s have hosted open houses of the railroad since the year 2000. Visit his website to learn more!

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