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Central Texas

Bartlett is one of the most unique historic towns in Texas. The Bartlett National bank opened in 1904 and operated bank until the 1930’s.  Can you believe it opened with just $25,000?  Prior to its 2019 restoration, it sat empty and abandoned.  But the owners have all the original handwritten bank deposit slips, and bank registers for you to see! Lore has it that a set of bank robbers set out to rob it in the late 1960’s.  These Bank Robbers were pretty surprised to find out that although Bartlett had a bank, it wasn’t operational and had no money to steal!  It doesn’t pay to be a dumb criminal!
This old Bank Building was also the set of the Newton Boys and was blown up in the huge bank robbery scene.  Luckily that was just Hollywood magic and they didn’t really blow up the bank!  It was also the set of Whole Wide World and even Revolution the TV series.

The Bartlett National Bank now serves as a quirky vacation rental.  It has 2 bedrooms in the old banker office space, a kitchen in what was the old teller station with the antique teller walls still in tact, and bathrooms that have been added to fit the time period the Bank was built. The Bank Manager’s office now acts as a study and contains letters originally written in that very office in the early 1920’s. In one of them, the bank manager trys to release someone of their debt but can’t quite remember how much the debt was (you’d think that was his main job)! The old bank vaults serve as a pantry and wine cellar and one of them has pennies as flooring. The soaring ceilings are ornate and showcase the true beauty of this historic building built in the Beaux Arts style. It’s full of fun surprises at every turn!

The Bartlett National Bank is a one of a kind building in the most photographed town in Texas!

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