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How we Give Back

$4,648.97+ given to causes fighting for affordable housing. Why?

Because we love folks that work towards affordable housing. As a social benefit company we care about people, the planet and profit. And we know that’s not that weird.

Austin, our hometown, is an expensive place to live. As is Houston and NOLA. And increasingly the amazing, creative, artistic folks that live in our homes can’t afford them.

We want to fight that battle and change the notion of what affordable housing looks like.

So each tour we do we give 10% towards affordable housing nonprofits in the cities we are in.

Another nonprofit we supported in 2017 and 2016 was Foundation Communities and they do just this for our friends and neighbors in Austin.

Since 1990, local nonprofit Foundation Communities has been providing attractive, affordable homes and support services for thousands of low-income families and individuals, empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. The nonprofit helps people transform their lives by offering free education, financial stability and health programs right where people live.

In Houston in 2016 we supported Avenue CDC. Their mission is to build affordable homes and strengthen communities in Houston. Avenue CDC serves the greater Houston metropolitan area, with a particular focus on the Near Northside and Washington Avenue communities, just north and northwest of Houston’s downtown.

To meet the tremendous need for quality affordable housing, Avenue CDC develops homes for purchase and rental. They also provide homebuyer education and counseling to help working families buy and maintain their own homes.

We’ve done the same for Caritas of Austin in our first two years. In fact we gave them enough to furnish three new homes for people who were living on the streets or provide emergency rent and utility assistance for a family, helping them avoid eviction.

We think it would be weird NOT to give back to our community. When you join us by paying a ticket,  you can know you are making Austin, Houston and New Orleans just a little better!