The NOLA 2019 Map

The NOLA 2019 tour is Saturday November 16th from 10am-5pm*.

Current maps and addresses are correct:

CLICK HERE to download the full program

CLICK HERE to download a simple one page map

Going on the tour is EASY! Simply:

    1. Download the map above
    2. You can start the tour at any of the houses on the map.
    3. Once you are there, pick up your wristbands from one of our Wranglers at the check-in table. Show the Wrangler your emailed ticket or just give them your name.
    4. Visit the rest of the homes in any order. You get to choose your own adventure!
    5. Some of our homeowners might be selling some cool stuff!
    6. *The Inn at the Old Jail requires a VIP ticket and includes snacks sips and surprises.
    7. Have a weird, whimsical, and wonderful time!