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Woodside Tree House2020-06-21T15:15:35-05:00

Woodside, CA When we found 02 Treehouses on Instagram we knew they were a perfect fit for our community. This adult treehouse designed for a couple in California and is jaw-dropping. This “Tetra Home” is based on a building system developed by O2 Treehouse called the Equilibrium System. There are two main elements to this building technique. The first is a modular treehouse foundation system called the Tetratruss and the second is an insulated panel system, prefabricated and shipped to the site ready for installation. This zero impact, architecturally elegant building method is ideal for all terrains – not just trees!

One of the unique aspects of this treehouse in Woodside is its 50’ long bridge connecting you to a floating open deck; perfect for grilling, mixing a cocktail or two, and breathing in the spectacular forest views.

Once inside the treehouse plan on being mesmerized by the beautiful sunsets and stargazing ability as you look out the floor to ceiling windows and skylights. You become fully immersed in the beauty of nature. This model also includes a composting toilet and a fold-out hide-a-bed so you never have to leave.

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