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In 2008, a low budget movie by the name of Twilight immortalized a quaint little house in the town of St. Helens, Oregon. Over the next decade, fans have traveled from all over the world to take their photo in front of this home. Little did one such fan know that she and her husband would later own this piece of cinematic history.

In 2018 Amber and her husband Dean were shocked to find that Bella’s family home from Twilight was on the market. Initially, they purchased the property without a concrete plan in mind. Torn between moving in or restoring this home back to its movie form, they chose the latter.

For the first time since filming, the property is now accessible to the public. Fans can now book their stay in this living museum offered as a vacation rental. Much of the decor has been replicated to transport fans back into the Twilight world, where they can binge-watch the Saga where Twilight was filmed, dine at the actual table where Charlie Swan was seen cleaning his gun, sleep in Bella’s bedroom, or reenact all of their favorite scenes.

Restoring this charming five-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home has truly been a labor of love for the Neufelds. The Twilight Swan House is located near the historic riverfront of St. Helens and is the perfect basecamp for visiting all of the other Twilight filming locations in the greater Portland area. Book your stay by visiting www.twilightswanhouse.com and be sure to follow the owners’ continuing journey with the property on social media by searching Twilight Swan House.

And Bella may be paying a visit during this tour. Thanks to special guest: Bella Swan from the Forever Twilight in Forks’ Olympic Coven acting troupe, played by Samantha Baldwin.

Photo credit: Jamie Gill

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