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While Michael Torres’ Travis Heights home looks on the outside like any standard modern home, it opens up to reveal a series of secrets. With the help of designer & muralist Nancy Harte, the two have laid out a series of thematic and spiritual rooms incorporating Feng Shui elements and chakra colors to envelop and energetically transform the observer who is entering into this world. From the velvet lined living room, dubbed the “experiential velvet lounge”, to a shamanistic shrine to rooms tracking the birth and death of the day you will find yourself in places unknown. Come experience the energy, creativity and mysteries!

Much like his house a conversation with Michael will also open an interesting path that will lead you to unexpected places. From working from Dell to Interpol, to his current venture with Greenworld, a global company creating economical and eco friendly home building materials for disaster areas, we promise that you will walk away learning something new and totally unexpected from the experience.