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The Wehnert Home2019-09-10T11:21:59-05:00

Victoria and Jay Wehnert’s 1897 Victorian farmhouse is one of the oldest houses in Historic Houston Heights.  It is home for their collection of Outsider, Self Taught and Visionary Art. The art features work by internationally acclaimed artists such a Bill Traylor, Martin Ramirez and Henry Darger, Texans such as Ike Morgan and Eddie Arning, and Houstonians Henry Ray Clark and Charles Dellschau.

Their home is furnished with family heirlooms such as antique furniture and rugs, as well as tramp art, prison art and objects by anonymous artists. The collection also serves as the home for Jay’s arts business, Intuitive Eye. where he is engaged in presenting the art that the couple loves. They look forward to welcoming you on this year’s Houston Weird Homes Tour.

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