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The Village of the Witch2019-10-11T14:46:59-05:00

In Garrison Park you will find a home that defies all definition. The expansive back yard holds massive rain collectors, large solar panels, and a small building that can only be described as a guard house. Two generations of Airstream trailers stand alongside these items. “Olga” is a few years old with all the modern amenities, while “Buffy” was built in the 80s and has all of the vintage Airstream style you can imagine.

In addition, this shape-shifting backyard holds the studio of Jessica Wagner, a performance and visual artist and self-described witch who lives by the mantra “I wish. I witch. I witch for everything.” Old fairy tale books, snakes, swans, lambs and experiences are created to make work out of her own personal revolution.  And where is the natural habitat for all this? A red barn of course!

Also occupying The Village are Thai massage therapist Mari Bird and acrobat Scott White.