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The Pharmacy Home2019-10-14T13:28:24-05:00

“I wish I had a million dollars…. Hot dog!”

If you don’t get this It’s a Wonderful Life movie reference, perhaps going back in time to a 1940s oak and glass adorned pharmacy will take you there. Come up Detroit’s Trumbull Avenue and visit a rather mundane looking building.  Once you get over the brick wrap of a storefront church, you might just muse, what’s in there? Now is a great opportunity to find out.

Stroll in to a shell of a space that has been converted to residence, art gallery and makeshift yoga studio. Admire the timestamp of an incredible mosaic floor, the depression-era glass shelving and refrigerated cabinets, while immersing yourself in the artwork and comic graphics from a not as innocent era by Abdul Qadim Haqq. Surely, resident Cosy will spin you some tunes and tell some tales of living in this unassuming place.