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The Organic Contemporary Tiny House2019-10-14T15:46:47-05:00

While attending the University of Texas Joel Weber created his tiny home with 2 main goals: To graduate debt free, and skip dorm life to own his first home. Anyone who lives in Austin can tell you that’s a hard combination to accomplish but Joel found a way through building his world famous Tiny Home.

Inspired after living several months in South America, Joel sought to live more minimally with less impact on the planet so he personally designed his home from scratch and apprenticed with local craftsman to bring the 145-square-foot structure to life.

Through sweat equity, bartering, up-cycling materials and a little help from his community, Joel was able to complete his home in less than a year for under $15,000 that although, tiny in size, was big on style which he describes as “organic contemporary”.

Now working as a local designer, Joel uses his Tiny Home as an educational experience to share with others.