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The Mystery House2020-06-10T14:51:26-05:00

Des Moines, Iowa

Andrew’s Mystery House holds many secrets and surprises throughout its many themed rooms. The haunted Halloween absinthe parlor is Andrew’s favorite, and the perfect place to enjoy a potent potable. Guests can relax in the the French baroque living room.  The home has both a black and orange custom hand stenciled Halloween bathroom and a steampunk half bath complete with a penny floor and a sink made from an old steamer trunk. If guests need to stay over, the steam guest bedroom is currently undergoing down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland makeover.  They’ll be in good company with Andrews many pets: four sphynx (hairless) cats, a cockroach, and his tarantula, Boris. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and read about his outrageous cake company.

If you have trouble finding the place just look for the hearse in the driveway!

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