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The Music Home2019-09-22T17:58:27-05:00

Deep in south Austin lies a home that is a “Peruvian Palace” of music. This four bedroom, three bathroom, 2500 sq ft house greets you with a gold album from Ozzy as you walk in the door.

That’s the first sign that an event planner and long time live music producer lives here. It’s also the home of yoga-loving Mapy Ramos, a London College educated makeup artist for TV and film, who does 150 sit-ups daily at the gym and meditates twice a day.

When you visit, both of your hosts will expound on their love of the neighborhood wildlife, their human neighbors, their baby goat neighbors, and the gorgeous creek that runs behind the home, a home powered by music of all kinds.

And don’t forget to check out the new greenhouse, aviary and grotto!

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