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Weird Homes Tour – San Francisco Bay

Judi Henderson has built a kingdom around mannequins in which she reigns as its Mannequin Queen.  It all started twenty years ago when Judi offhandedly answered a Craigslist ad to buy a mannequin for an art project. Well, fate stepped in because Judi ended up buying FIFTY mannequins to start her own business instead. Today, Judi’s company, Mannequin Madness, sells thousands upon thousands of secondhand mannequins year.

Like any successful business, Judi’s company fulfills a specific need. Department stores need to get rid of their old mannequins (which can be quite expensive) and cost conscience small businesses need to buy inexpensive display models.  And everyone can feel good they just saved it from the trash. In fact, Judy estimates that they divert over 100 THOUSAND pounds of non-biodegradable material from landfills every single month!

The Mannequin Queen’s castle stands as an unassuming beige Victorian but the inside is a whole other story, however. First, a headless mannequin with candy welcomes visitors into a wonderfully weird world. Then throughout the home’s colorful rooms, you will find mannequins everywhere. Mannequins display Judi’s handmade artwork, flower crowns, jewelry, and headdresses. Others, like one constructed of translucent discs in her living room, serve as works of art in of themselves. Add don’t miss Judi’s garden which serves as her oasis from city life. It is filled with mannequins tucked into odd spots and flowering plants and upcycled materials like wooden pallets.

So be sure to come by and pay homage to the Mannequin Queen. You’ll be glad that you did.

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