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The Last Madam House2019-11-21T13:52:41-06:00

In a city rich with history, the Last Madam House has left its mark as one of the oldest and most interesting places in NOLA. Located just inside French Quarter, the Last Madam House has been the home to some of New Orleans most interesting and influential characters since it’s construction in 1830.

Through the turn of the century to 1911, the residence was the childhood home to Ernest J. Bellocq, a prominent New Orleans photographer famous for his photographs of the women of Storyville, New Orleans’ historic legalized red-light district.

In 1938, the home was acquired by Norma Wallace, the famed “Last Madam,” who ran the home as a well-known brothel for more than 25 year whose clientele entertained a stream of governors, gangsters and movie stars.  Today, the names of the ladies who lived and worked there still mark doors of their respective rooms. Those who want to really dive deep into this more “colorful” history of NOLA can read the bestselling book by author Chris Walz.