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Bend, Oregon

In the House of Love and Light you’ll need to check your manners at the door and forget everything your Mother told you about NOT writing on the wall, because in this colorful abode, scribbling, finger-painting (and more!) is exactly what we have done!

This average-looking cookie cutter house is far from it, beautifully landscaped and decorated with the whimsiest of plants, windchimes and a playhouse covered in bird houses.  The outside colors are just the first act and lead you into eye-popping wonder through a color palette of delight and details!  Hand drawn wall murals whisk you to far-away countries, brightly painted gecko’s surprise you at every turn and magical black vines spring out of the floor and climb the doorways of the upstairs rooms.

Theme’s abound in the House of Love and Light and you will stroll with pleasure and open-mouthed gawking at what sites await your perusal:  “The African Bathroom” (many wise proverbs!), “The Butterfly Room” (they whirl and swirl overhead!), “The Spiderman Room” (a.k.a. Man Cave), and who can ever forget the “Gary Larson Memorial Bathroom” complete with hanging rubber chicken?!  (All who enter this most sacred spot must take the plunge and sign their name upon the wall – join the hundreds who have worshipped at the throne, even the guy that roofed our house!)

Lovingly cared for by Dr. Michael and Laura Lee Coffman, amateur actors whose headshots you will gaze upon in rapture when entering the “Vanity Room” (laundry room…)  The pair du jour continue to upgrade the home they’ve lived in for the past 7 years.

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