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Elevens months of the year, this home in Daphne, AL is nondescript on the outside, save for a small glowing pumpkin in the front flowerbed.  Come October 1, however, the yard is transformed into an all encompassing yard haunt, complete with animatronics, actors, state of the art light and sound f/x, and larger than life skillfully detailed props. Now in their tenth year of creating our haunt (so named Carnival of Screams), last year they saw close to 1200 trick or treaters (!!), some of whom have been coming their entire lives.

From the owner, Tamra Cowan, “We build, purchase and maintain so many props and decorations year round that the inside of the house always seemed to be in a flux of holding while we sorted, cleaned and worked on whatever spooky project was at hand.  Initially because storage was at a premium, we found the house was decorating itself organically.” She goes on to say, “Although the decor inside now is in a constant state of evolution, most of the year, we only keep 25-30% of our collection in the house and begin adding to it in August.  (Frankenstein stays in the living room always, as does our zombie in residence who has presided at the head of our dining room table for several years).”

The inside of their home is not open nor toured during Halloween, so really, only their friends and family see the inside, save for a few occasions when the blinds are thrown open during cool October evenings.

Carnival of Screams on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CarnivalOfScreams/

Carnival of Screams on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/carnivalofscreams/

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