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The Home of Quirk and Glass2019-12-09T13:05:48-06:00

When you delve into Sarah Smith and Jeremy Ballard’s cozy and nostalgic home you will discover oddball undertones and details everywhere you look. Nestled among the vintage furniture and decorations you will find octo-face planters, doll parts, quirky collections, figurines and plenty of masks (Sarah likes to lead Mardi Gras and Halloween costume and mask making workshops). Sarah and Jeremy are also both professional artists. Sarah’s paintings (mixed media collages) hang throughout the house and Jeremy, a professional glassblower, has is studio in the garage.  His work adorns every room in the house including the fine glass doorknobs and chandeliers.

So come take a close look around.  You’ll never know what you may find in the Home of Quirk and Glass!