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Austin, TX

Is it a residential home or a small boutique hotel? You decide. Hidden in the heart of Austin’s world famous 6th Street, this protected Historic Landmark defies all categories. 
If these walls could talk, they couldn’t tell you everyone who’s partied here, but they would tell you the story of how this place came to be. The first incarnation of this two-story stone structure was a popular 19th century watering hole owned by an Irish immigrant. The Shamrock Saloon served the growing young city for many years while the Texas State Capitol was being built just a few blocks away. But as the city modernized and people moved away from downtown, all of 6th Street’s original stone buildings were abandoned and forgotten by the 1950s. Then in 1968, David Graeber bought this site as a run-down, falling-in, non-habitable shell of a structure. You won’t believe the transformation!
In the late 70’s, Graeber completed a strikingly modern interior that sits in stark contrast to the original stone facades. Many of the interior spaces are just as David created them 4 decades ago. It’s one big giant time capsule of all the eras and lives lived over 130 years in this one location. Graeber had a huge impact on the Austin, pioneering the concept of living downtown when he moved his family there. This one-of-kind home has been featured in countless magazines, photoshoots, and maybe even a rap video or two. Many drinks and good times have been had in this special place, from the Shamrock Saloon to private Graeber family parties to public events.
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