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In a converted Irish Channel mansion, sits Lauren George and Nate Butcher’s quaint apartment. Lauren is a dollhouse maker and miniature artist who creates and sells everything small, from miniature books to doll dresses, to teeny tiny books under the online persona “Lady Delaney”.

In addition to her miniatures, she also has mailed-subscription based haunted dollhouse murder mystery series called “The Case of the Haunted Dollhouse”! She’s even wrote the book on vintage and costume paper doll dresses!

Lauren and Nate’s quirky apartment reflects this aesthetic which she describes as “Indiana Jones meets Betty Draper”.  We think of it as a “Wes Anderson meets Edward Gorey”. It’s a life-sized miniature dollhouse that is filled with treasures and oddities that makes the place feel like both a 19th century mystery novel or on the other hand, a mad scientist lair.