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Bonnie Blue is a rockstar who lives with hundreds of celebrities.

She is an award-winning caricaturist who has turned her actual house into a work of art. Why not!? She’s done the same with her cars, turning them into renowned Art Cars, and has traveled nationwide sharing smiles across the miles. Bonnie Blue, AKA the Rock Lady, also came up with the ingenious idea eighteen years ago to paint people on rocks.

Since then, her rock art has been seen on the Ellen Degeneres Show, The Tonight Show with David Letterman, WBAL news in Baltimore, and more. Bonnie Blue even painted Bill Murray in person on a rock!!

She is a celebrity in her own right in her hometown of Houston and the Women Rock Art Car is an icon in the Art Car movement. Bonnie lives and breathes art and loves that her home has become an extension of her vision of art for all!