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Caitlin McCormack is a Philadelphia-based artist who works primarily with crocheted cotton thread, which is dredged in a mixture of glues, dyes, and paints and fashioned into sculptural forms. The works are stiffened and positioned to resemble skeletal animal and humanoid specimens, as well as structures in various states of decay, mingling with rhizospheric debris and half-forgotten nostalgic murmurs.

With the addition of carefully collected vintage fabrics, clay, and found materials, including antique cotton string inherited from deceased family members dating back to The Great Depression, McCormack’s sculptures belong to a taxonomy of creatures and objects exploring the persistence of memory and the relationship between cloth and living, organic forms. See more of her work on Instagram.

McCormack’s row home in South Philadelphia’s East Passyunk neighborhood houses many collections of treasured objects, books, plants, and works of art created by friends and peers. She lives with two cats and her partner, collage artist Alex Eckman-Lawn, and promises that the house doesn’t smell too bad. Learn more about her and her gorgeous upcoming shows at https://www.caitlintmccormack.com/.

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