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Skyline Tree House2020-06-21T15:37:45-05:00

Woodside, CA. When we saw this amazing tiny weird home nestled in gorgeous trees in California, we knew we had to have it as part of our community. Welcome to the Skyline Treehouse. According to the folks at 02 treehouses “The Skyline Home is capable of being installed in all terrains, not just trees, and is best suited for contexts in which an elevated zero impact architecturally elegant structure is desired.”

This amazing home comes with a high peak ceiling design, that houses a loft with hide-a-bed as well as another hide-a-bed on level one providing comfortable sleep for 4 with ample lounging space during the day. This home also contains a water cistern feed copper kettle sink and composting toilet. You will most likely need directions to the bathroom in this unique treehouse however as the bathroom is accessed via a faux built-in bookshelf. Who doesn’t love a hidden room?! Give it a tug and watch as the secret is revealed exposing the water closet beyond.

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