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Milepost 52019-09-10T11:22:30-05:00

Milepost 5 is an affordable housing community for creatives in Portland, developed for working artists of all disciplines. Located on a two-acre campus in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood, Milepost 5’s community of over 100 renters work in dozens of artistic fields. Residents host monthly art openings, present plays, music, readings, workshops, and other events in the community spaces. And they will be doing the same thing for the Weird Homes Tour this year!

Milepost 5 was developed as a new concept for creating affordable and sustainable work and live/work spaces for artists in a healthy, interactive, community setting. By teaming nonprofit and for profit developers, Milepost 5 creates an economic sanctuary in Portland of which artists cannot be priced out.

So come tour this unique blend of living, studio and gallery spaces; check out the artwork on display and meet the interesting artist that reside in this one-of-a-kind community.

And you can see it by buying a ticket on the Portland Weird Homes Tour!