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Let’s get this out of the way first. Lester Marks is one of the most renowned, respected, and charitable art collectors of contemporary art in the city of Houston. He’s been recognized as one of the top 100 art collectors in the United States and among the “Top 100 Art Collectors Making a Difference in the Art World” by Arts & Antiques Magazine and one of the top 200 art collectors in the world by ARTnews Magazine. The Art League of Houston named him Texas Art Patron of the Year in 2002.

However Lester’s home holds some secrets. Secrets that are wild, whimsical and weird. And he will be opening his home and his private art collection for the Houston Weird Homes Tour this year. Take it from Lester himself “Art collecting, to me, has never been about putting ‘trophies’ on the wall. My art collecting, has been, and is, simply a journey to help unlock the mysteries of life. Art serves as a catalyst to help me see and perceive the beauty and wonder of the everyday world around us. To me, art IS life; difficult, demanding, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.”

When you see his VERY popular Instagram account you will understand!

The Weird Homes Tour’s self-driving and virtual home tours showcase unique and interesting homes in cities all across the world.  They are highly Instagram and social media worthy and family-friendly events where photos are welcome.

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