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Who says Tiny Homes are in fashion? Take the home of Dawn Fudge. She lives in an 8,000-square-foot warehouse she bought from the Tejano band La Mafia.

She rooms with 10 cats, a 95-pound hound dog named Pepper Jack, and O’Dea, a banjo player who also helps runs the café business that Dawn owns. In classic Weird Homes Tour fashion, among Fudge’s cute eccentricities, she’s also an ordained minister. She once married a couple on an international flight; most of the other 20-odd weddings took place at her cafe, Last Concert.

Will she be performing a wedding on the day of our tour? Stay tuned to find out. A native Houstonian, Fudge supports several other local organizations and co-chaired The Art Car Ball for many years. In fact she was the entertainment chairman for the first several years.