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Wayne, Michigan

Welcome to the Spooky to Kooky Home! It’s owners stumbled into this humble brick 1953 home out of necessity. It was very neglected and needed to be loved back to health and they’ve steady been doing so for some time on a tight budget! Ashley, one of the owners, says “I’ve finally met my kooky to my spooky and we are now building it together.” She describes her style as eclectic with a love of the retro and macabre; sometimes bordering on what we like to call “maximalism”. The main fantastical focus of their home is a vanity room where the couple spend every morning. It’s packed with clowns, baby dolls, bones (even a human vertebral column), and various things they’ve picked up through collecting over the years. This room also houses their antique vibrator collection which includes medical devices from the late 1800s all the way through home devices from the 1950s. So what’s next for this couple? Ashley says “Turning the basement into my partners mead brewing and aquarium space! I think a home is truly a living art piece we are constantly repainting.” We couldn’t agree more. Follow along on their Instagram.

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