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Knight’s Retreat2019-10-14T15:59:53-05:00

Artist Craig Turner has been working on his masterpiece of a home for over 20 years now, and describes it as a “labor of love” dedicated to his wife and children. He wanted them to grow up in a magical place where they might expect to one day walk out into the backyard and see a unicorn.

The expansive backyard is filled with a labyrinth of paths taking you from one “garden room” to another, with stone arches, sitting areas, butterfly courtyard, and magnificent artwork, all surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, and including a Roman inspired pool.

Behind the main house, the stone cottage is straight out of a romantic medieval fairy tale with its 14 stained glass windows, sculptures, swords, and bevy of original oil paintings. Most everything you see including the paintings, the sculptures, and the landscaping, was meticulously created by Craig himself.

Inside the main house you will find Craig’s collection of worldly artifacts including ancient Indian wooden doors, as well as his studio which is filled with paintings inspired by his trips into the African bush.  Be careful where you explore though, you might just wind up in Narnia!