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Weird Homes Tour – Houston

Barbara Kimzey has collected the art she’s loved for over twenty years. Barb’s collecting travels include making three driving trips across the South, the East, and Appalachia.

“I found the artist hidden – met these artist and learned who they were and why they carved and painted their style of art. These “Outsider Artists”, have no formal art education. You can see their unique views in their whimsical art pieces.”

Barb’s collection is in itself an encyclopedia of rich American history. Each piece stands on its own with a story behind it that could fill a book. All taken together within the rustic, faded-white, wooden framing of the cathedral ceiling.  Barb’s home tells a story of a dedicated collector, curator, and homeowner in a league of her own!

The Weird Homes Tour’s self-driving and virtual home tours showcase unique and interesting homes in cities all across the world.  They are highly Instagram and social media worthy and family-friendly events where photos are welcome.

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