Home Description


Returning for a third semester, comes Dr. Jeff Wilson and his latest project. Right next to the Historic Scoot Inn sits the future of urban living from the mind of our own Professor Dumpster, Dr. Jeff Wilson. This time, under the company name Kasita, Jeff is on a mission to reimagine home design so that people can do more with less. These concepts are nothing new for Professor Dumpster who famously lived in a 33 square foot dumpster for over a year and was part of the Weird Homes Tour in 2014.

At 270 square feet, Jeff’s newest project is 237 square feet bigger, but because of it’s thoughtful industrial design, feels much bigger than that.

Not only is the use of space unique, but Jess has reimagined home ownership. People can buy a plug and live Kasitathat can be added to grids in large cities all around the country. If you want to move, you simply download the app, pick a new location, and you can take your house with you!