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Located in Bywater, stands the house of Pres Kabacoff, one of New Orleans’s premier real estate developers and his wife,  Sallie Anne Glassman. Sallie is an artist and one of only a few authentic Haitian Vodou priestesses (yes, it’s spelled “Vodou”) in the United States.  She is also owner of the Island of Salvation Botanica, a store and gallery specializing in Vodou supplies, medical herbs and art.

Her and Pres’s home reflects their interests in art, spirituality and travel.  While the architecture of the home matches with the neighborhood, it’s bright and bold use of colors, purple, rasberry, and orange makes it stand out.

The main doorway features tarot designs by Glassman. Inside entrance is flanked by two alters, one white and one red to signify the cooler and hotter sides of the spirit world that serve to draw and welcome spiritual visitors.

The home is also filled with art, from mermaid shrines, to giant geckos, to Glassman’s own work.