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Mobile, AL

The Gumbo Home’s owner, Rick Morgan, is an author, curator, and collector of oddities and rare antiques. He attributes his interest in collecting the odd, weird and unusual to his New Orleans roots. 

“Growing up in the Big Easy exposed me to the bizarre and weird on a daily basis from the historic French Quarter to the iconic above-ground cemeteries and local multicultural traditions. Being a port city, New Orleans provides an abundance of opportunities for the weird and odd collectors.”

The Gumbo Home was built in 1918 and serves as a backdrop for his strange and unorthodox collection. It has been compared to seafood gumbo, having a flavorful variety of textures and shapes. Although it may not appeal to everyone’s palette, it has a delicious assortment of French antiques, fine artwork, religious icons, and medical abnormalities and deformities.

Rick’s bizarre collection is displayed throughout his home. When asked how he feels about being surrounded by his collection, he stated, “It provides peace in knowing that I am never alone. There’s an abundance of past lives and fascinating stories attached to each item.”

His upcoming book, “Oddities and Antiques,” showcases vibrant photographs of his lifelong collection and private museum and includes interesting stories with a lasting impression. He is also featured in Paul Gambino’s book, “Skulls.” He can be found on Instagram @rmorganantiquesandoddities.

Photos by Rick Morgan and by Georgia Buck Photography (Instagram: @georgiabuckphotography)

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