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Weird Homes Tour – Houston

Erma is a visionary that has always been ahead of her time.  As an artist she frames her home and her yard by creating glass sculptures from various discarded antique objects and various other items. This creates a whimsical style of colorful unique shapes and sizes of beautiful glass totems that to her are truly inspiring.

She also loves creating art from 19th century iron bed frames that she calls the “If Bed’s Could Talk the Stories They Would Tell” series. You can seem them in Houston mansions, offices, indoor/outdoor art space and interior decor. She created her first bed art sculpture to provide whimsical security for her front garden.

She now lives in a historical fire station, that was built in the 1950’s.

The Weird Homes Tour’s self-driving and virtual home tours showcase unique and interesting homes in cities all across the world.  They are highly Instagram and social media worthy and family-friendly events where photos are welcome.

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